ADDED ON: 11/01/2021

Hackers threaten to out Israeli LGBTQ dating site users

10/31/2021 | France 24

A hacking group calling itself Black Shadow threatened Sunday to reveal personal details of a million users of Israeli’s leading LGBTQ dating site, an attack some cyber experts linked to Iran. “If we have 1 Millions $ in our wallet in the next 48 hours, we will not leak this information and also we will not sell it to anybody,” Black Shadow wrote on Telegram. The Atraf dating site was compromised after Black Shadow hacked CyberServe, an Israeli internet service provider whose clients include public transportation firms, museums and a travel company. On Saturday, the group dumped tens of thousands of records online from the various sites it had penetrated, including 1,000 user profiles from Atraf. The leaked records included users’ HIV status, sexual orientation and unencrypted passwords. Ran Shalhavi, CEO of The Aguda — The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel, told AFP his organisation had extended its emergency hotline hours to deal with a flood of worried callers. “They are exposed, and if they are in the closet, they are exposed to situations they never knew before,” he said, adding that the association was working with different groups to “reduce damage”. Libi Oz, a spokeswoman for the government-funded Israel National Cyber Directorate, said her office warned CyberServe “several times” it was vulnerable to attack.


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