ADDED ON: 10/15/2022

‘Habibi, The Revolutions of Love’: Being Queer in the Arab World exposition

10/14/2022 | The Africa Report

Are we really free to be, to love and to show who we are without danger? No matter where you are in the world, it is often difficult to answer yes. And perhaps it is even more difficult when you live in an Arab-Muslim country. Yet change is underway, as evidenced by the exhibition “Habibi, The Revolutions of Love” (27 September 2022-19 February 2023), organised at the Arab World Institute (AWI) in Paris. 23 artists from the Arab-Muslim world (including Afghanistan and Iran) and the diasporas have taken up the subject of queerdom and are making their voices heard. Some are part of the community while others define themselves as allies of the cause. All have come together in an emancipatory movement, whether it be a question of sexuality and plural identities, of borders being erased – for the duration of the show, a photo or an entire life.


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