ADDED ON: 12/02/2019

Guyana: ‘God-fearing political party’ aims to end homosexuality, restore integrity to high offices

12/01/2019 | NewsRoom GY

The People’s Republic Party (PRP) is the newest political party to join the race for office come March 2, 2020. Led by Dr. Valerie Leung, a re-migrant who works in the field of law, the party is referred to as “the God-fearing party.” Its members are from the Christian faith and the party was launched on Saturday at the Ocean View International Hotel, East Coast Demerara with a church service. Dr Leung was born in Pomeroon, Region Two and raised in Georgetown; she is a 63-year-old mother of seven and is the Presidential Candidate but the PRP has not yet found a Prime Ministerial Candidate. With Nomination Day announced for January 10, the party is looking for Candidates. While you do not have to be a Christian, one of the prerequisites listed in the PRP’s code of conduct speaks against homosexuality.


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