ADDED ON: 01/26/2020

Guatemalan Actor Enrique Salanic Blocked From Entering US to Promote LGBT Film ‘José’

01/25/2020 | The Wrap

Guatemalan actor Enrique Salanic has been blocked from entering the United States ahead of the U.S. premiere of his award-winning movie “José,” in which he stars. The film premieres in New York City on Jan. 31, but according to distributor Outsider Pictures, Salanic is still campaigning to be granted entry to the U.S. “José” has received critical praise so far, having already won the Queer Lion at the Venice Film Festival and a handful of other awards. Attempts to bring the actor to the states have been fruitless. According to Outsider, the U.S. embassy in Guatemala has twice denied his non-immigrant visa applications, citing a concern that he is a “flight risk” because he lives with his parents in Guatemala and has no permanent address in the U.S.


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