ADDED ON: 07/29/2020

Grocery store’s coronavirus sign sparks Pride event and Trump-supporting counter protest

07/28/2020 | Gay Star News

The small Pennsylvania town of Mifflinburg witnessed a face-off between LGBT+ protestors and Trump supporters on Sunday (26 July). It started as a response to a bizarre note stuck on a grocery store door which linked mask-wearing, catching coronavirus and being LGBT+. But it ended with a couple of hundred LGBT+ people and allies in rainbow colors lining the town’s main street. Meanwhile a smaller group of counter-protestors waved Confederate flags. And cars with US flags and Trump 2020 signs circled the rally, revving their engines and sounding their horns. Discount grocery store Wenger’s, on the edge of the town, sparked the controversy when it posted a sign earlier this month about people wearing masks to protect themselves from coronavirus. But point 19 of the 24-point rambling notice said: ‘There are people who got COVID-19 but not all other people living in the same house got it. This proves that COVID-19 is not as contagious as the news media and many others have blown it up to be. ‘A lot of these same people support LGBTQ. This lifestyle is sin in God’s eyes and spreads deadly diseases and sickness. Are they really concerned about people’s health?’


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