ADDED ON: 06/02/2020

Grindr finally drops its much-reviled ethnicity filter in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

06/01/2020 | Pink News

Grindr responded to yearslong accusations of racism levelled at the dating app popular among queer folk for its premium “ethnicity feature” by removing it altogether. For years, tucked alongside the ability to search for users by “tribe” (such as twink or otter) or by height and weight, users paying any of Grindr XTRA’s subscription plans could filter by ethnicity. The feature has long been a lightning rod for criticism from queer folk of colour, with people’s encounters with “no Blacks, no fats, no femmes”-type users being long, well, unlimited. After weathering criticism for years, the company announced on Monday night (June 1) amid a Twitter firestorm that it will “remove the ethnicity” from the app’s next release, as well as make donations to Black organisations. But many Twitter users questioned why the filter was a feature in the first place.


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