ADDED ON: 10/29/2020

Greens’ same-sex marriage petition most signed in portal’s history

10/28/2020 | ERR News

The Estonian Greens’ petition in support of same-sex marriage hosted on the Citizen Initiative Portal is the most-signed in the website’s history. As of noon on Tuesday, the petition has gathered more than 30,000 signatures. The petition launched by the non-parliamentary Estonian Greens party is calling for the Family Act to be amended to allow for same-sex marriage in Estonia. As it has gathered over 1,000 signatures, it is likely now to be debated in the Riigikogu. Kadri Org, democracy expert at the Estonian Cooperation Assembly/, told ERR News on Monday that “Petitsioon perekonnaseaduse muutmiseks” is the most-signed petition in the history of website. “ has been operating for four-and-a half-years from March 2016 and since then, 51 collective proposals have been drafted and sent to the Riigikogu through the platform. Most of the collective proposals that have been sent to the Riigikogu have received a few thousand signatures maximum. The second-highest number of supportive signatures that a petition has received is slightly over 7,000,” she said.


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