ADDED ON: 07/24/2018

Grandson of Singapore’s Founder Lee Kuan Yew Comes Out as Gay

07/23/2018 | Gay Star News

Ahead of Singapore Pride’s – Pink Dot- 10th anniversary bash, a very important person in the city nation has come out publicly as gay. Li Huanwu is the grandson of Singapore’s first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew. He is also the nephew of current prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong. The 31-year-old came out in a stunning photo shoot for the Out in Singapore exhibition. He features in the photoshoot with his partner, Yirui Heng, who is a 27-year-old veterinarian. Even though gay sex is criminalized in Singapore – which doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon – Lee was a supporter of same-sex couples. Lee who is described as the founding father of Singapore and held office for three decades, often spoke publicly that homosexuality should not be criminalized.


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