ADDED ON: 07/08/2022

Gov’t will not ‘actively’ implement LGBT-focused legislation

07/07/2022 | Antigua Observer

By Kadeem Joseph – With debate continuing on a recent ruling by the courts that deemed Antigua and Barbuda’s decades-old anti-buggery laws unconstitutional, the government said the country will not be “actively” reshaping legislation that may affect its LGBT community. Minister of Information and Cabinet spokesman Melford Nicholas said individuals have the right to challenge any of the country’s laws through the courts as was the case in this instance. “For those persons who have an interest, if a person feels that they’re being discriminated against by any of the acts that are in place, as had been adumbrated by the Prime Minister, if they make a determination to challenge it in the court, the court is the perfect place for that determination,” he said. “But there is not going to be any active reframing of the legislative framework at this stage. What individuals may do is challenge and allow the court to make those determinations which have been successfully done in this instance with the buggery laws.”


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