ADDED ON: 12/12/2019

‘God Has A New Africa’: Undercover in a US-led anti-LGBT ‘hate movement’

12/11/2019 | Open Democracy

This year, I accomplished a feat that I never thought I would: I went undercover to investigate a group that hates me. Not long after I took my seat in the auditorium in downtown Accra, Ghana, a series of African and American speakers took turns denouncing me and the people I love. A representative of Ghana’s Prisons Service, for example, condemned LGBTIQ people as a “modus to depopulate the world”, and our sexual orientations as “a major part of why we imprison people in Ghana”. “If we strengthen the family, there will be less people in prisons, but prison will also serve as a corrective measure for sexual deviants”, she argued. Another Ghanaian speaker, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, an MP from the opposition National Democratic Party used his time on stage to call on his fellow politicians to declare the country “a no-go area for the LGBT agenda”.


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