ADDED ON: 03/26/2020

Global LGBT organizations mobilize in face of pandemic

03/25/2020 | Bay Area Reporter

Global LGBT organizations are responding to the impact of the coronavirus as they work to protect some of the most vulnerable queer people. There have been 19,753 deaths around the world reported from coronavirus as of March 25, according to Worldometer. There have been 440,359 cases of people infected with the virus around the world. “This is maybe the first time in history where we’ve had a problem that is so truly global that it really affects pretty much every single person on the planet,” Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration Executive Director Steve Roth told the Bay Area Reporter. “No one is immune.” In addition to thinking about personal well-being in families and communities, Roth, a gay man, pointed out that “now more than ever we have to think about those who are most vulnerable among us.”


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