ADDED ON: 02/24/2021

Ghanian Journalist Comes Out As Gay in Stunning Interview

02/23/2021 | Out

A journalist in Ghana revealed he was gay in a live Zoom interview. Ignatius Annor of Euronews English made the stunning revelation on a panel discussion with moderator Ayisha Ibrahim for JoyNews on the topic of the LGBTQ+ community in the African nation. Annor revealed that he stayed in the closet because he feared coming out would cause him to lose his job. Ghana outlaws same-sex sexual relations and does not recognize marriage equality. “This is going to be the very first time that I’m using your medium to say that not only am I an activist for the rights of African sexual minorities, what you would call the LGBTQI community, but I am gay,” he revealed. “It is the truth that I have accepted, it is the truth that I will live by,” Annor prefaced his remarks by noting that for some viewers his sexual orientation “might sound contradictory because in the past I had denied my truth, I had denied the fact that I was gay.” The Republic of Ghana outlaws “unnatural carnal knowledge” which authorities interpret as “penile penetration of anything other than a vagina” under section 104 of the Criminal Code from 1960. It also does not recognize marriage equality or same-sex domestic partnerships. Minister for Information-Designate, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah recently proposed legislation outlawing the advocacy of LGBT+ activities, saying the move would be “in the interest of public morality.”


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