ADDED ON: 11/06/2021

Ghana’s anti-LGBTQ bill leads to surge in anti-LGBTQ violence

11/5/21 | Erasing 76 Crimes

“The anti- LGBTQI bill in the Parliament of Ghana is fueling hate and emboldens homophobic individuals and groups to harm LGBTQ persons. The worrying part is that the perpetrators mostly go unpunished. We fear their actions may result in deaths soon if the police don’t act now,” says the LGBTQ advocacy group Rightify Ghana. “While there used to be 3 – 4 cases per week, the cases have more than doubled since the far-reaching anti-LGBTQ bill was sent to Parliament. Now, we are 2 – 3 of human rights violations against LGBTQI persons per day Unfortunately, the victims are sent to the police afterwards,” Rightify Ghana stated on Twitter.


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