ADDED ON: 11/22/2021

Ghana’s Anti-Gay Law: God Loves Gays, Let’s Show Them Love- Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta

11/21/2021 | GH Gossip

Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta has glaringly pooh-poohed the new anti-gay law that has been presented before parliament awaiting passage into law by saying God loves gays too since he created them in his image. He explained his stance on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana show with Paul Adom Otchere saying; “It’s a very complex issue and really, for me, it’s quite kind of biblical, in a sense, which says that God created us in His own image – now whether it’s man or woman, it’s a different issue. So, in each person is God’s image. I can’t begin, therefore, to make judgments on the person. I may not like what I may determine to be a sin but as long as God’s image is in that person – and I know that thief or whoever was forgiven in the last minute on the cross – so, for me, I guess I find it difficult on the issues of criminalisation when I know all of us are born in the image of God”.


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