ADDED ON: 03/24/2021

Ghanaian MPs form ‘Believers Against LGBT+’ alliance ahead of draconian bill attacking queer rights

03/23/2021 | Pink News

Lawmakers in Ghana have formed a “Believers Against LGBTQI+” alliance to push a brutally anti-LGBT+ bill through parliament, activists on the ground have said. The cross-party group of 30 MPs is preparing a proposed bill that cruelly criminalises being LGBT+ even further. It was announced at a prayer rally Sunday (21 March) organised by some of Ghana’s most influential faith organisations under the theme: “Homosexuality, a detestable sin to God.” In Ghana, being LGBT+ is illegal and those found to have had consensual queer sex face three years in jail. Lawmakers aim to table a bi-partisan private members before the end of the year that will strengthen these current laws. Among the MPs is Samuel Nartey George, who earlier this month shared details of the bill that aims to outlaw the “advocacy” of LGBT+ rights. To rapturous applause, National Democratic Congress lawmaker Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah, a member of the group, said “nobody has owned up” to being LGBT+ in parliament. He described being queer as something “not of God and against our culture” and is an “end-time issue”.


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