ADDED ON: 11/01/2019

Ghana Should Resist World Congress of Families’ Anti-LGBT Message

10/31/2019 | Human Rights Watch

Emelia, a woman in her thirties living in Kumasi, Ghana, will never forget the day her father found out she was a lesbian. He beat her for three hours – with his fists, and a belt, and then with a broken beer bottle. In this context, it is worrying that the United States-based World Congress of Families (WCF), composed in part by organizations that promote exclusionary anti-LGBT rhetoric, is meeting in Accra today. Its leaders have advanced anti-LGBT laws and policies around the world, including a Nigerian law punishing same-sex “displays of affection” and providing support to gay organizations with 10 years in prison. WCF leaders have also propagated racism and xenophobia, ideologies that are surely unwelcome in Ghana.


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