ADDED ON: 03/31/2021


03/30/2021 | Kuchu Times

LGBT Rights Ghana, an organization that recently sparked a storm after opening a shelter and safe space for gender and sexual minorities in the West African nation has revealed that 22 individuals were arrested at a birthday gathering. According to their Instagram page, Ghana Police Services arrested 22 LGBTIQ persons who were attending a birthday celebration. The Police has, through their Public Relations Officer, claimed that the event was a lesbian wedding although all attendees maintain that it was just a birthday party. Two videos of the incident were also shared. “Ghana Police Service @ghpoliceservice have arrested 22 LGBTQ+ persons at a gathering which Chief of Kwahu Obemeng and his Elders claim was a “lesbian wedding” while attendees say it was a “birthday party”. “We will burn them, we will burn all of them”-One of the men from the town who kept wake to assist the police top carry out the arrest, says in the arrest video. In the second video, the Eastern Regional Police Command PRO, SGT Francis Gomado & the Police Chief of Kwahu Obomeng, Nana Effah Opinaman III spoke to Angel FM/ TV on the arrest of 22 LGBTQ+ persons at Kwahu Obomeng; now in Police Custody at the Mpraeso Police station,” LGBT+ RIGHTS GHANA shared on Instagram. The organization has since started online campaign to have the 22 individuals freed from police custody. The running hashtags include #FreeTheLesbians, #GhanaGetsBetter, #ProtectLGBTQGhanaians, # QueerGhanaianLivesMatter among others The LGBTIQ+ community has in the past months come under fire after brave activists under the organisation LGBT+ RIGHTS GHANA, recently commissioned a community space that quickly turned into a subject of contention. Many have since asked the government to shut the shelter down with anti-gay crusader Moses Foh-Amoaning taking the lead and calling for the organization heads’ arrest.


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