ADDED ON: 10/12/2021

Ghana church leaders intensify pressure on parliament to pass anti-gay bill

10/11/2021 | BBC

Dis move dey follow from recent calls by some academics and lawyers who start dey criticize de anti-LGBTQ Bill. Pentecost, Anglican Church state dema position. House of Bishops of de Anglican Church inside statement dem release say “aside Christianity, de Ghanaian tradition and culture no dey allow such act.” Apart from de Anglican Church, Christian groups like de Pentecost Church of Ghana also register dema displeasure over de recent calls for rejection of anti-gay bill. “Our position be say we no want dis tin. Church of Pentecost dey make up 10.3 percent of Ghana population. Dis no be legal issue but about morality” General Secretary of Church of Pentecost, Apostle Alexander Kumi Larbi talk.


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