ADDED ON: 08/22/2020

Germany plans equal rights for lesbian co-mothers

08/21/2020 | Deutsche Welle

A German parentage law package close to being submitted to cabinet would give a child born into a lesbian setting two mums, the biological mother and her female partner, German media reported on Friday. In a brief quote posted on her ministry’s website, Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht said the focus must be on the child’s wellbeing, including those among adults in same-sex relationships. Describing German society as needing law that reflected diversity, including “patchwork families,” Lambrecht said children were best nurtured in uncomplicated settings. “The law must respond to these diverse forms of family life,” she said. On August 6, Lambrecht told the German Catholic KNA news agency that lesbian couples should “in future be able to have another woman as a mother in addition to the mother of birth, without having to go through an elaborate adoption procedure.”


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