ADDED ON: 05/12/2020

Germany becomes the fifth country in the world to ban conversion therapy

05/11/2020 | Gay Star News

Germany has become the fifth country in the world to ban ‘conversion therapy’ of LGBT+ minors. The new vote in the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, confirms a ban which the German government imposed in December last year. Under the ban, it is illegal to carry out ‘conversion therapy’ on anyone under 18. The law also forbids advertising the so-called ‘cures’. Furthermore, it is also illegal to force, trick or pressure an adult into conversion therapy. That additional protection for adults could prove more significant than it may seem at first glance. A report by OutRight Action International in 2019 found only a third of people who go through the ‘reparative therapy’ seek it out themselves. Two-thirds say their family, faith group or others forced or pressured them into it. Leading national and international psychological and psychiatric bodies have long condemned the so-called ‘cures’ to turn gay or bi people straight. They say they never work and can be dangerous, causing serious, long-term trauma and harming society.


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