ADDED ON: 01/25/2023

German Diocese Issues Remarkably LGBTQ-Positive Guidelines for Sex Education

01/24/2023 | New Ways Ministry

A German diocese has released new guidelines on sex education that are remarkably LGBTQ-positive, including an appreciation of diverse sexual identities and approval of blessing same-gender couples. The Diocese of Limburg approved the mandatory guidelines in May 2022, but only now made them public as implementation begins, reported The diocese issued ten points by which Catholic institutions should approach sexuality and then elucidated ways each of the ten points should be lived out by church workers and ministers. Some key highlights include (via Google Translate): Coming to know and accept one’s sexual identity is important and must be promoted throughout life via the church’s ministries from childhood to older age. It is also important to accept and respect others’ “right to sexual self-determination and the free choice of their own life decisions.”


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