ADDED ON: 03/11/2023

German Catholic bishops back blessings for same-sex couples

03/10/2023 | Deutsche Welle

The Synodal Assembly — which is focused on reforming the Church — adopted a paper in Frankfurt on Friday to allow for same-sex couples to have their relationships blessed by the German Catholic Church from 2026. Of the 202 members of the Synodal Assembly, 176 voted in favor of the paper, while 14 against and 12 abstained. Allowing blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples has been among the key demands in the Synodal Path reform process, which has been ongoing since 2019. The progressive movement also seeks to end celibacy for priests and see women ordained as deacons. According to the German Catholic news agency KNA, blessings would also be allowed for civilly remarried and divorcees.


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