ADDED ON: 07/06/2021

Georgian LGBT Activists Call Off Pride March After Violent Attacks

07/05/2021 | Voice of America

LGBT campaigners in Georgia have canceled a planned Pride march after opponents attacked activists and journalists and the government and church spoke out against the event. Hundreds of violent counter-protesters took to the streets of Tbilisi against the Pride march scheduled for the evening. At least 15 journalists were attacked by mobs at different locations, including two RFE/RL reporters, while covering the Tbilisi Pride events. Videos showed anti-LGBT groups waving Georgian flags scaling the Tbilisi Pride headquarters, tearing town pride flags, and ransacking the office. In a statement announcing the march had been called off, Tbilisi Pride accused the government and church of emboldening a “huge wave of hate” against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and failing to protect citizens’ rights.


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