ADDED ON: 06/19/2020

Gender Recognition Act: LGBT political group anger at trans law ‘changes’

06/18/2020 | BBC

LGBT groups from the UK political parties have expressed “disappointment and anger” over potential changes to laws affecting trans people. Leaders of the groups representing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members directly addressed the minister for women and equalities in a letter. They fear leaked plans show it could be harder for trans people to transition. The government said it will publish its response to a consultation on the Gender Recognition Act in the summer. The LGBT groups featured in the letter to Liz Truss, seen by the BBC, are from the Conservatives, Labour, Scottish National Party, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, Greens and Alliance parties. The groups are concerned the potential plans will see the government amend laws to make it more complicated for trans people to transition and access facilities such as toilets and changing rooms.


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