ADDED ON: 05/11/2022

Gender Queer’ to stay on school library shelf, Hudson Board of Education decides.

05/10/2022 | Akron Beacon Journal

After months of discussion and debate, the Hudson City Schools Board of Education has decided to keep a popular LGBTQ+ book on the library shelves. Hudson students, parents and community members attended Monday nights meeting. As Interim-Superintendent Steven Farnsworth said he would like “Gender Queer” to remain on the shelves at Hudson High School, most of the crowd broke out into applause. And even more applauded as the board agreed. “Every student deserves and receives the best we have to offer and that includes learning resources designed to meet each child’s individual needs,” Farnsworth said. After meeting with guidance counselors, media professionals and social workers, Farnsworth’s said the book, written by Maia Kobabe, is important to students and community members identifying within LGBTQ+.


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