ADDED ON: 09/28/2020

Gender equality in Japan gets a push from young activists

09/27/2020 | Japan Times

Ayano Sakurai believes that the Japanese government’s policy on gender equality needs more feedback from people of her generation who face wide-ranging gender-related challenges in their daily lives. Sakurai, 25, saw an opportunity when the government solicited public comments on a draft of ideas for its forthcoming basic plan on promoting gender equality. As the leader of a group of people under the age 30, she launched a project to encourage young people via social media and other platforms to make public comments on the draft. “I wanted to let young people know that they can call for changes they want to see” in the next five years or so, Sakurai said. The fifth basic plan covering the five years from fiscal 2021, which starts in April next year, is set to be compiled around the end of this year.


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