ADDED ON: 07/25/2022

Gender-affirming Care: Thailand’s Transgender People Lead By Example

07/24/2022 | Scoop Independent News

According to the article published in The Lancet last year, “transgender-specific data could benefit efforts in Asia to identify gaps in HIV response for transgender people.” Despite alarming evidence of high HIV incidence among key affected populations, such as transgender people, transgender-specific data related to HIV care cascade are scarce (and often merged with data for gay and other men who have sex with men). Countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia, that have used integrated biological and behavioural surveillance, show an increase in HIV prevalence among transgender people. While countries improve data on full range of HIV care cascade for key populations, people themselves are rising up to improve responses from the grounds-up. Transgender people in Thailand have led by example in demonstrating leadership in setting up gender-affirming healthcare services for their communities – the first of its kind in the entire Asia Pacific region.


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