ADDED ON: 09/09/2019 Supports Disaster Relief Efforts for LGBT Bahamians

09/08/2019 | IEN News, a trusted resource for LGBT travelers for over two decades, is leading the way by encouraging concerned travelers to participate in an online donation effort focused on LGBT Bahamians who are unlikely to receive much-needed aid from traditional charities. Hurricane Dorian was one of the most severe Atlantic storms on record and perhaps the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Bahamas. The slow-moving storm unleashed a torrent of destruction on the northern parts of the archipelago. Grand Bahama and the Abacos were especially hard hit. Media outlets are reporting widespread devastation on these islands and are estimating a staggering death toll, as well as thousands missing and displaced. Now, as Bahamians affected by the storm struggle to obtain the basic necessities to survive, is working with several charities spearheaded by its Editor Emeritus, Charlie Rounds. With over two decades of global philanthropic experience, Rounds has put together the best team of organizations to get LGBT Bahamians the much-needed supplies through an online donation campaign. Rounds is managing a partnership between the Rustin Fund for Global Equality, and Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC), and Pride Fort Lauderdale to collect funds and supplies to distribute specifically to the gay community on ravaged islands. “LGBT people are frequently overlooked by disaster relief responses,” said Rounds. “I’m extremely grateful to everyone at for doing the right thing and spreading the message about this cause. After all, it’s crucial that we help our own community and aid those with few options in their time of need.”


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