ADDED ON: 06/30/2019

Gayborhoods’ used to be a LGBT save haven. Now, many LGBT people have been priced out

06/29/2019 | USA Today

For better or worse, iconic “gayborhoods” are getting way more expensive, pricing out LGBT people in the process. Neighborhoods such as San Francisco’s Castro district or New York’s Greenwich Village have cultural and historical significance for the LGBT community and house a large LGBT population. A home in the Castro district values at nearly $1.8 million, according to the housing app Zillow, while comparable homes in other neighborhoods in the city average at $1.3 million. That’s a half-million dollar difference. “The gayer the block, the faster it rises in value,” Amin Ghaziani told USA TODAY. Ghaziani is a professor of sociology at the University of British Columbia and author of There Goes The Gayborhood? Ghaziani researched the increased gentrification and rising cost of gayborhoods, and his findings show that areas with larger populations of same-gender households correlate to real estate values that are higher than the average.


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