ADDED ON: 05/25/2019

Gay Ugandans regret fleeing to Kenya

05/24/2019 | The East African

Hundreds of people in Uganda’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community have fled the country to escape homophobia and persecution. But many are now stuck in Kenya where the situation is not much better. Tyrone, not his real name, has had a tough time since arriving in Kenya in December 2014. Just days after arriving in the country he was beaten up by a mob in the capital, Nairobi. It was Christmas Day. Since then the 19-year-old has been arrested and beaten up by police three times. He said on one occasion three policemen called him over and asked him why he was “walking like a girl”. “When I couldn’t answer them, they beat me up and when they saw on one of my documents that I was a Ugandan refugee, they abused me saying I was one of the people Museveni [Uganda’s president] had kicked out of the country for being gay.”


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