ADDED ON: 08/23/2018

Gay Tennis Trailblazer Brian Vahaly: ‘I Heard Homophobia All the Time – It Was Part of the Culture’

08/23/2018 | The Telegraph

The briefest of glances at the entry list for the men’s event at this year’s US Open underlines tennis’s apparent diversity. Scroll down the list and you will find players from six continents, around 40 nations and across an age range of close to 20 years. And yet, as with every grand slam played since the start of the Open Era in 1968, there will not be a single openly gay man in the draw. In fact only three openly gay men have competed at the elite level in the sport’s history, two of whom played the majority of their career before the Second World War – Gottfried von Cramm, who was arrested for homosexuality in Nazi Germany, and Bill Tilden. So whereas the WTA Tour has LGBT trailblazers like Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova, the only openly gay male player of modern times is America’s Brian Vahaly, who came out publicly last year – a decade after shoulder issues had forced him to retire aged 28.


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