ADDED ON: 08/09/2020

Gay Russian influencer Egor Gromov found murdered in friend’s home

08/08/2020 | Gay Times

Russian influencer Ali Zabirov, who went by the name of Egor Gromov, has been found murdered in a friend’s house, he was only 23 years old. Egor regularly received homophobic abuse from trolls as he was unashamedly himself. Egor’s body was discovered by Russian police in a flat of a friend, aged 46, on 2 August in St. Petersburg. His body showed signs of a violent death, including bruising around his neck, indicating that he’d been strangled. The Daily Star reports that police currently believe that the owner of the flat beat Egor to death after Egor attempted to come onto him following a night out. The man, who denies murder and claims that he may have died from a drug overdose, is currently in custody in pre-trial detention. Footage of him in interrogation was shared on the 5TV news channel, where he said: “I tried to wake him up. I called the police myself. What could I do? If I knew that he was going to die here, would I let him in or what?”


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