ADDED ON: 07/27/2018

Gay Right-Winger: Fox News Is Too Pro-LGBT

07/26/2018 | The Advocate

There are many things one could say of the Fox News Channel — that it has a reliably conservative bent and that it’s Donald Trump’s favorite news source, for instance. But now a right-wing pundit — who is himself gay — is claiming it’s become too pro-LGBT. “Once regarded by conservatives as the country’s sole red, white and blue national television news network, Fox News is increasingly showing its rainbow colors,” Doug Mainwaring wrote in a recent column for the far-right LifeSite News. “While the network still appeals to conservatives and takes plenty of flak from liberals, there has been a decidedly pro-gay uptick in on-air talent, editorial content and signaling.” Mainwaring objected particularly to the frequent on-air presence of Guy Benson, a gay conservative who is a Fox News political analyst and political editor at, a right-wing site.


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