ADDED ON: 05/03/2021

Gay refugee ‘ambushed’ by homophobe and left with broken leg: ‘I feel like the world has rejected me’

05/02/2021 | Yahoo News

As Canary Murungi walked on foot to the shops in the Kakuma Refugee Camp at 11am, a fellow refugee from Sudan spotted him, he told PinkNews. “He ambushed me,” the 24-year-old said, “and questioned why I am a homosexual. He then violently pushed me, causing me to reinjure my right leg.” Medics at the camp’s clinics have given Murungi “ibuprofen and Panadol”, a brand of paracetamol. He is now desperately searching for a physiotherapist to alleviate his agony, he said. For Murungi, it’s almost like Groundhog Day. More than a year ago, he suffered a near-identical attack which left him with “broken bones and dislocated joints”. “I was attacked, beaten and thrown into a long ditch,” Murungi recalled of the March 2020 incident.


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