ADDED ON: 06/27/2019

Gay Nigerian ex-priest honored for supporting asylum-seekers

06/26/2019 | Gay Star News

A gay Nigerian former priest has received an award in recognition of his work supporting LGBTI African refugees. John Adewoye is a lifeline for many across the continent, one fractured in its support of LGBTI people, one where 32 of the 52 countries in Africa class homosexuality as illegal. And one where Adewoye has created countless support groups for LGBTI people. He has received the Unsung Heroes Award from the Black LGBTIQ Migrant Project (BLMP) and AfroNYC, according to NoStringsNG. Born 30 July 1959, in the village of Oro, of the Nigerian state Kwara. Since his humble beginnings, he has advanced the case of LGBTI equality across the world. Notably, he founded the US-based organization, the Center for Integration & Courageous Living, in 2006.


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