ADDED ON: 01/05/2019

Gay men tortured and beaten in seperate homophobic attacks in Chile

01/04/2019 | Gay Star News

Two men in Chile have been violently attacked and tortured in two seperate homophobic attacks already this year. One man had his head held under hot water in a hot tub. Attackers allegedly stomped on the other man’s genitals, burnt cigarettes on his hand and hit him on the head with a large stone. Attackers allegedly forced José David Muñoz Vargas, 52, into the hot tub because of his sexuality. The attack happened at his home in the town of Porvenir. A 24-year-old man was also attacked in a suspected hate crime on New Year’s Day in the coastal city of Valparaíso. The man told Movilh he was travelling in a car with his attackers and at about 8pm the men became violent. ‘Everything was going well until the young man started talking on the phone with his partner,’ said spokesperson for Movilh-Valparaíso, Diego Ríos. ‘The men then began to insult him because of his sexual orientation, as well as to beat him and torture him.


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