ADDED ON: 09/23/2019

Gay man who fled Ghana over attacks secures asylum in US

09/22/2019 | Ghana Web

A Ghanaian [name withheld] who was attacked in Ghana in 2015 on suspicion of being gay has succeeded in securing asylum in the United States. Two law students of New York Law School’s Asylum Clinic secured the asylum for the Ghanaian who was code-named M.A for security reasons. In May 2015, M.A. was brutally assaulted by a Ghanaian vigilante group known as Safety Empire in a local suburb of Nima, for befriending a gay man, based on the perception that M.A. might be gay himself. The local authorities were unwilling to prosecute the crime. Fearing for his life, M.A. made his way to the U.S. border, where he presented himself and requested asylum. After being detained for nine months and unsuccessfully applying for asylum on his own, M.A. filed an appeal and was released on bond. He moved to the Bronx to live with a childhood friend.


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