ADDED ON: 06/21/2019

Gay man poised to win seat in Guatemala congress

06/20/2019 | Washington Blade

An openly gay man is poised to win a seat in Guatemala’s congress. Local media reports say the preliminary results of Sunday’s national elections indicate Aldo Dávila of the Winaq Movement, a leftist party founded by Rigoberta Menchú, an indigenous human rights activist who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992, won enough votes to secure a seat in Congress. Dávila is the executive director of Asociación Gente Positiva, a Guatemala City-based HIV/AIDS service organization. He also attended an LGBTQ Victory Institute-backed conference that took place in Bogotá, Colombia, last month. “It is important that we begin to start to be in places where we can make decisions,” Dávila told the Washington Blade on March 5 during an interview at his office. Agencia Presentes, an LGBTI news website that covers Guatemala and other Latin American countries, reported Dávila is one of two openly gay men who ran for Congress.


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