ADDED ON: 09/04/2022

Gay man helps queer families fleeing red states with ‘above ground railroad’

09/03/2022 | Pink News

A Texas estate agent has developed a programme to help LGBTQ+ homeowners across the US “flee red [Republican] states”. When broker Bob McCranie and his partner bought their first house together in 1998, the process was a painful series of micro-aggressions. “The realtor who worked with us kept introducing us as brothers,” he told PinkNews. “Then we couldn’t get insurance to cover both of us. You couldn’t have two men on the insurance policy, one of us had to be listed as a tenant. “Our cable installer showed up and realised that there were two men living in the house and left, didn’t finish the cable install. We had to call the company back out and have somebody else do it.


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