ADDED ON: 12/11/2021

Gay Indian-American to Become Top LGBTQ+ White House Staffer

12/10/21 | Advocate

Gautam Raghavan, a gay Indian-American, will be the highest-ranking out member of the White House staff when he advances to director of the Office of Presidential Personnel. Raghavan has been deputy director since President Joe Biden took office, but he will move up now that the director, Catherine Russell, is going to UNICEF to become its executive director, the White House announced Friday. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced Russell’s appointment to UNICEF Friday. She will succeed Henrietta Fore, who resigned in July to deal with a family health issue, the Associated Press reports. “Under Cathy’s leadership, the White House Office of Presidential Personnel (PPO) has broken records in both speed and diversity of hiring, working relentlessly to ensure that our federal government reflects America and delivers for the American people,” said a statement from Biden. “I am also pleased that Gautam Raghavan, who has worked in tandem with Cathy from Day One, will become PPO’s new Director — a seamless transition that will enable us to continue building a federal workforce that is efficient, effective, dependable, and diverse.”


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