ADDED ON: 03/26/2021

Gay Egyptian Man Describes Plight Of Egyptian LGBT Community Through His Own Personal Story

03/25/2021 | MEMRI

“It was an ordinary Thursday, and I was taking to him on a dating app. I became slightly suspicious when he insisted we meet at his house on the edge of one of the slums in the city, and the more he insisted the more suspicious I became… I [nevertheless] came over, and within less than two hours I understood many things that I had already been familiar with. I have decided to share only some of them, for these are things rarely spoken about. “I don’t want to get into all the details, how they threatened me with a knife, [took] nude pictures, and stole my personal affects and my money. I wish to talk about other things, about the comments that were made by this ‘man’ and by the two others who arrived with him. They stressed that they wished to hurt me and that they were doing this, to some extent, with the silent consent of the authorities, as a way to deter the gay community. Of course nobody will confirm this. [But] many of my friends and acquaintances who had similar experiences were [also] informed by the attackers that they were acting in coordination with the authorities… “I sat naked on the bed, with my arms folded, not hiding my anxiety. Their leader asked me a series of personal questions, taking on the role of prosecutor, while going through my phone, reading my personal messages and looking at my photos. His questions swung between contempt (‘You do have women friends. [So] what’s wrong with you? Why do you do these disgusting things?’) and incredulity (‘Does your family know you do this?’)…


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