ADDED ON: 11/24/2020

Gay couple risk 100 lashes after being attacked and dragged out of their home by mob

11/22/2020 | Pink News

A gay couple in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, was forcibly dragged out of their homes to a police station and now run the risk of being lashed 100 times all because of their “illegal sexual orientation”. Signalling the depth of anger felt towards LGBT+ people in the republic, a crowd of locals stormed the home of 26-year-old MU and 34-year-old TA in Kuta Alam neighbourhood on November 14. According to AsiaNews, the pair will now be tried by a Koranic court in the provincial capital within the next 20 days. Provisions of the province’s Islamic penal code, the Qanun Jinayat, also mean that the men face a maximum prison sentence of eight years as well asa fine of one kilogram in gold.


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