ADDED ON: 04/20/2020

Gay couple in Poland take on LGBT+ Free Zones with rainbow face masks

04/19/2020 | Gay Star News

Married YouTubers Jakub and Dawid Mycek-Kwiecinski handed out hundreds of rainbow face masks on the streets. It comes as Poland considers a new ‘Stop Pedophilia’ law. The law falsely links LGBT+ people with pedophilia and could effectively stop all sex education in schools, if it goes ahead. Moreover, several Polish cities and districts have declared their neighborhoods to be ‘LGBT Free Zones’. The zones are not legally enforceable but have made LGBT+ Poles feel threatened and excluded. So far, statistics indicate coronavirus has not hit Poland as badly as other European countries. While stats are not entirely reliable, they show Poland has seen just 9,453 confirmed cases and only 362 deaths. The country is under lockdown with people allowed to go out to work, exercise, get food or help those in need. Poles are supposed to wear masks or scarves in public places but masks are hard to obtain.


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