ADDED ON: 09/19/2019

Gay couple held down and prayed over against their will at a church to ‘turn them straight’

09/19/2019 | GCN Magazine

A gay man said that he and his boyfriend were attacked by a congregation at his Mother’s church in an attempt to convert them to heterosexuality. Sean Cormie, 23, recently came out to his family in Blackwell Oklahoma who have been trying to get him to go to their church The First Assembly of God Church and to bring along his boyfriend, Gary Gardener. Deciding to take them up on the offer, they went on September 8th, only to realise that the invitation was a trap. As the service went on, the pastor asked them to Cormie and Gardner were asked to the altar and where then cornered by Sean’s family and other church members who started praying on them. Cormie and Gardner attempted to leave the church, but twere unable to as  Cormie was then slammed and held to the ground. It wasnt until Cormie’s sister managed to convince the congregation to let them go. The church commented, saying that it was a “family matter that escalated. Police have been contacted, but they have yet to make a comment regarding the investigation.


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