ADDED ON: 09/17/2018

Gay Couple Attacked with Petrol and ‘Die in a Gas Chamber’ Graffiti

09/17/2018 | Pink News

A gay couple has had petrol thrown at them after unidentified attackers daubed Nazi-inspired graffiti on their home. Angelo Amato and Andrea Gardoni, who live in Stallavena, a small town near Verona, Italy, had swastikas spray-painted on the side of their home along with anti-gay messages including: “We will put you all in the gas chambers.” The attack took place amid a rising atmosphere of intolerance in the country, propelled by the recent entry of far-right party Northern League into a coalition government with the populist Five Star Movement. Last month, Northern League leader Matteo Salvini, who serves as deputy prime minister and Interior Minister, called same-sex parents ‘unnatural’ and vowed to keep all families heterosexual.


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