ADDED ON: 05/30/2022

Gay Conversion Therapies Continue To Take Their Toll In Switzerland

05/29/2022 | MENAFN

(MENAFN– Swissinfo) – Unlike many countries, Switzerland has refused to ban conversion therapies, often practised by evangelical churches, which claim to“cure” homosexuality. Several victims explain how they have slowly rebuilt their lives. “I was on my knees in the middle of a circle of people who were shouting to get the demon of homosexuality out of me. Something had to happen for them to stop. The psychological exhaustion eventually led to tears running down my cheeks. For them, it was a sign that I was cured.” Mario, 29, speaks now self-assuredly about the numerous conversion therapy sessions he underwent between 2009 and 2014. Of Lebanese origin, he came to Geneva at the age of 13. He is the only boy among five children and his parents had high expectations of their only son. The family was very religious and attended an Evangelical Free Church in Geneva.“In our culture homosexuality is not accepted,” he explains.


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