ADDED ON: 06/02/2018

Gay Conversion Film at London Festival Hits Home for Campaigners

06/02/2018 | Thomson Reuters

The contentious practice of gay conversion therapy will be in the spotlight at the British spin-off of the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday, a move welcomed by gay rights activists. The film “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” tells the story of a teenage girl in the United States caught kissing a female friend after prom and sent to a Christian-inspired gay conversion camp to change her sexuality. The movie, which stars actress Chloe Grace Moretz, won the U.S. Grand Jury Prize when it was shown at the Utah-based Sundance Film Festival in January. Leading LGBT rights charity, Stonewall, said such a film can play an important role in raising awareness of the damaging impact that conversion therapy that can include psychoanalysis, injections and electric shocks to “cure” gay people.


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