ADDED ON: 04/27/2019

Gay club in central Ukraine raided by police

04/25/2019 | Pink News

A popular gay nightclub in central Ukraine has been raided by police, with eyewitnesses claiming officers “behaved in a homophobic way.” Potemkin club in the city of Dnipro was raided at 1am on April 20. At the time there were around 30 people in the venue, alongside staff members. A published report of the incident said officers confiscated laptops, mobile phones and boxes of condoms that were found at the scene. The article outlined the club’s “offensive” dark rooms and explained that “the activities of the club have been actively promoted on social networks.” According to police, the venue was raided in the aim of “combating human trafficking” and said the gay club received money for “disorderly sexual intercourse.”


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