ADDED ON: 04/19/2022

Gay civil partnership bill included in Thai government agenda.

04/18/2022 | Pattaya Mail

More equal rights for same sex couples has moved up a notch after the Thai government included them in legislation planned before the end of the year. A general election must be held not later than March 2023. Deputy prime minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said that, in addition to budget proposals and matters relating to the election of MPs, several other specified bills will hopefully become law in the upcoming parliamentary session of 120 days. The Cabinet has agreed to support a civil partnership bill rather than a much-debated alternative promising gay marriage. The main difference is that civil partnership does not offer full equality in pension tights and social welfare. The government’s legislative program could be derailed if a sudden general election is called earlier than next year, or if parliamentary rejection of budget proposals runs into political stormy weather.


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