ADDED ON: 11/29/2018

Gay Chinese teacher gets compensation, but no recognition of equal rights

11/26/2018 | Inkstone

A Chinese labor arbitration committee has denied a gay teacher’s request to be rehired, after he sued his former kindergarten for unfair dismissal in a widely-watched case concerning LGBT discrimination in China. In a ruling released last week, the committee refrained from acknowledging the teacher’s claim that he was sacked for being gay, the teacher, identified by the pseudonym Ming Jue, told Inkstone.   But it ordered the kindergarten to pay six months’ of salary of about $5,200 to the teacher for failing to sign an employment contract with him. Ming Jue, 31, lost his job at the kindergarten in Qingdao in the eastern province of Shandong in August, after his sexual orientation became publicly known.


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